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brandy and the region of Normandy, France

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Some english pressreviews:Sante Magazine review, BKWine Newsletter, Sunday Life (Northern Ireland), Wine&Dine, Lifestyle (London).

Article about calvados featuring the book in Northcliffe Lincolnshire Echo

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Henrik Mattsson receives the price from Edouard Cointreau at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (photo Denis Nidos)

First book on the French apple brandy ”calvados” awarded “best book about spirits” in the world

Finally all about calvados - one of the best kept secrets in the world of fine spirits is revealed in the book “Calvados - the world's premier apple brandy” by Henrik Mattsson

The book was awarded twice in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2004, in the category - "Best Wine Book - France" and "Best Spirits and other Drinks Books - Rest of the world". It also got an "honorable mention".

The Best in the World was announced in Grythyttan, Province of Orebro, Sweden at the Gala Dinner of February 11, 2005, in the presence of the Swedish Minister of Culture.

The book reflects the increasing interest for calvados around the world. Calvados is one of the world’s fine spirits, carefully distilled from dry cider made from special apple varieties, aged in French Oak barrels then blended and bottled for the connoisseur.

The book is a first in comprehensive reporting in English on the facts, the history, the myths and secrets, as well as how to taste, judge and enjoy this unique spirit.

A phone and address directory of the producers, both large and small, tasting notes, food and cigar pairing, recipes and a gastronomic tour guide are included.

The author Henrik Mattsson writes about food, wine and spirits. In this book he discovers the fascinating world of calvados. He travelled the area of Normandy, took photos and notes, visited distilleries, tasted calvados and talked to producers.

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