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brandy and the region of Normandy, France

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Contents of book about calvados

In this book, you will first be introduced to the region of Calvados and Normandy. Next, we travel back in time and discover fascinating story of calvados.
The journey continues to the different regions where calvados is made; read about classifications, apple varieties, production, ageing, blending, tasting, labels and much more. In addition, you will learn about the calvados culinary heritage, its uses on its own as well as in drinks and cooking.
A useful chapter is the directory, which gives you information about producers combined with photos of bottles and labels. Producers are listed alphabetically – from small and interesting, but little-known, producers to world-famous brands such as Coeur de Lion, Boulard and Coquerel. This chapter even takes a look at apple brandies around the world.
Complete with glossary and index, Calvados – the world’s premier apple brandy, is a must for anyone who enjoys a sip of fine spirit.
You will also find useful tips for visiting the calvados region and a map where you will find all the producers listed in the index.

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